Azerbejan (Baku)                                                                    Mini-packeges with materials
"Without Borders"       Installation and performances                 Definition of a border
                                                                                             and how to break it down(performance)

Bulgaria(Dolna Banja and Sofia)                                               Abstract, 3D and Fine Arts
"Can you do something with ABSTRACT and Modern Art"         Started with clay(child)
                                                                                             Natural materials, newspapers, wallpaper and paint
                                                                                             Presentation in theater

Video-leaders, filmed performances and installation                  first: short mini-performamces with carton squares,
presentation Multi-media, newspapers etc                                 triangels, cirkels than big: elect. tubes,black farmers-
pictures: ideas running over each other-->                                 plastics.
combined it with music                                                                                            

Germany(Grillenburg)      Gender objects, installation  Presentation with "easy to get"materials
"Commen language, different values".                                       and tape, rope etc

Ukraine (Lviv)       The workshop of "the  peing dog"          Big animal project- 3DSculpture
                                                                                             Children drawings, animal pictures, own drawings part.  3D-sculptures max 1 1/2 mtr high.                                            wood from forest, construction wire,wallpaper glue, glue,                                                                                       newspapers, coloures paint and chickenfence
The Netherlands (Den Helder)   Maskproject            Advertisement presentation with wooden sticks:
                                                                                              2.2 mtr, chickenfence, silverpaper, newspapers and
                                                                                              wallpaper glue, colours, work together with more
                                                                                              masks and promote Europe

Armenia ()         
       "Different religions, same values"      Oriëntated on the ME triptics of Gant(B) and

collage travelling ego-document                                                Trenant(Fr) participants take  3 glossies from their                                                                                                       own interest 

The Netherlands (Den Helder) "House of Europe"     Glue, tapes, glossies and other papers, shoe boxes
                        design an European room,with aspects of        
and a big washmachine-box, work together                           a room as in your traditional living                     with someone of another country
Place them in the "House of Europe"box on all different places,
half in and out of the box.for exhibiting, put the box
on bamboe-sticks.
Armenia()           travelling ego-document                          Something easy to travel with, very personal and 
                                                                                               lots of subjects to talk about.Easy to connect
                                  collage                                                   with gender issue: one side: what you think women
                                                                                               like and one side what men like, one you like!                                                                                                           in the end everyone has a good souvenir to take home